Eastern Avenue

The transit-oriented community (TOC) proposal at the Eastern Avenue site would provide more housing, and retail space for businesses and convenient access to transit, including connections to streetcar, bus and subway service along the Ontario Line.

The site would be developed by the province in line with the stated objectives of the TOC program.

Why is Eastern Avenue a designated TOC?

The future Eastern Avenue TOC would add housing and retail space next to a planned transit station at East Harbour Transit Hub that would serve the surrounding neighbourhood with connections to streetcar, bus, and subway service along the Ontario Line.

The proposed TOC would leverage investments in transit infrastructure to provide new housing and job opportunities, as well as new community amenities, including parks and public space for the adjacent community alongside Eastern Avenue.

What are the benefits of the Eastern Avenue TOC Project?

The province, in consultation with the City of Toronto, is working on a development proposal that would deliver new housing and employment opportunities to a future Eastern Avenue site serviced by the East Harbour Transit Hub along the Ontario Line subway.

The TOC would deliver an expanded and improved public realm to enhance connectivity, and vibrancy. It would widen sidewalks and improve streetscaping on public streets, providing ample space between the TOC site and nearby residential uses. This would also create a new east-west mid-block connection and add new pedestrian connections from Saulter Street to Eastern Avenue and the future East Harbour Transit Hub.

Economic activity

The Eastern Avenue site would include retail space for businesses, including small-scale retail businesses, that would contribute to the existing mixed-use main street character of Eastern Avenue and help to create local jobs.

The project would also create over 900 square metres of new retail space, which would be pedestrian-friendly and support local economic development. 


The proposed development supports sustainability objectives by:

  • Adding housing and jobs directly adjacent to transit;
  • Providing on-site bicycle parking spaces in excess of by-law requirements;
  • Meeting requirements of green roofs and the Toronto Green Standard.


The proposed development is anticipated to deliver approximately 142 residential units, providing a range of housing options, including affordable housing. These would be complemented by high-quality communal indoor and outdoor amenity spaces which would act as an extension of personal living space, contributing to the well-being of residents and overall liveability of the area. Approximately 30% of the proposed residential units within the Eastern TOC are currently planned to be 2 or 3-bedroom units suitable for families or larger households.


The adjacent East Harbour Transit Hub would provide connections to GO Transit and the Ontario Line subway, as well as the 501 Queen and 504 King Streetcars, and the 503 Kingston bus.

These connections would make it easy for residents, employees, shoppers, and others to access the site and contribute to increased connectivity on a neighbourhood, city-wide and regional scale.

Transit-oriented and pedestrian-friendly streetscape improvements including widened sidewalks would contribute to the walkability of the area.

The proposed development supports the uptake of active transportation by providing over 162 bicycle parking spots with dedicated spaces reserved for transit users.

Project documentation

  • Cover Letter: Zoning By-Law Amendment Submission for Eastern Avenue TOC (PDF | 493KB)
  • Project Data Sheet: Eastern Avenue TOC (PDF | 840KB)
  • Contents List: Eastern Rezoning Submission (PDF | 73KB)
  • Planning & Urban Design Rationale: Eastern Avenue TOC (PDF | 55.8MB)
  • Functional Servicing Report: 356 Eastern Avenue (PDF | 4.9MB)
  • Storm Water Management Report: 356 Eastern Avenue (PDF | 5.8MB)
  • 356 Eastern Avenue: Rezoning Architectural and Landscape Set (PDF | 83MB)
  • 356 Eastern Avenue: Transportation Impact Assessment Study Issued for Rezoning (PDF | 9.2MB)
  • Electrical Engineering Reference Concept Design: Eastern Avenue (PDF | 944KB)
  • Mechanical Engineering Reference Concept Design: Eastern Avenue (PDF | 143KB)
  • Review of Eastern Avenue TOC Noise Vibration Considerations (PDF | 59.7MB)

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