Thorncliffe Park

The transit-oriented community (TOC) proposal at the future Thorncliffe Park Station would provide more housing, as well as office, and retail space for business, and convenient connections to the subway service along the Ontario Line and a new TTC bus terminus.

The Thorncliffe Park TOC consists of five parcels, grouped into the east and west sites. The TOC would be developed by the province in line with the stated objectives of the TOC program.

The Thorncliffe Park Transit-Oriented Community fact sheet is available in multiple languages:

Why is Thorncliffe Park a designated TOC?

The future growth potential for the Thorncliffe Park Station site is dependent on a planned transit station that would provide the surrounding neighbourhood with new subway service along the Ontario Line, as well as a new TTC bus node. The proposed TOC would leverage investments in transit infrastructure to provide new housing and job opportunities, as well as new community amenities, including parks and public space for the Thorncliffe community.

What are the benefits of the Thorncliffe Park TOC Project?

The province, in consultation with the City of Toronto, is working on a development proposal that would deliver new housing and employment opportunities adjacent to the future Thorncliffe Park Station along the Ontario Line subway.
The Thorncliffe Park TOC proposes six residential towers and an office tower with ground floor retail throughout. The towers would be set back from Overlea Boulevard, Thorncliffe Park Drive and the future Leaside Park Drive extension, creating a continuous public realm between the built development and the street to be enjoyed by pedestrians and cyclists. The retail at the ground level, parallel to Overlea Boulevard, would be complemented by urban design improvements, including landscape buffers between the road and boulevard. This network of public spaces continues along Overlea boulevard, connecting the east and west sites of the TOC, to be enjoyed by pedestrians and cyclists.  The TOC project also provides a 2,500-square-metre park, in addition to a large public plaza by the transit station, and other Privately Owned Public Spaces (POPS) adjacent to the future Ontario Line.

Economic activity

The Thorncliffe Park TOC would provide approximately 16,000 square meters of office space and 6,700 square meters of retail along Overlea Boulevard and preserve and support local economic development. 


The proposed development supports sustainability objectives by:

  • Adding housing and jobs directly adjacent to transit;
  • Providing on-site bicycle parking spaces; 
  • Meeting or exceeding the requirements of the Toronto Green Standard.


The proposed development is anticipated to deliver approximately 2,664 residential units, including affordable housing.  These units would be complemented by high-quality communal amenity spaces that would act as an extension of personal living space, contributing to the well-being of residents and the overall livability of the area.


As part of the integrated transit planning of Thorncliffe Park Station on the Ontario Line, a new TTC bus  station, supporting bus routes 88, 72, 25 and 100, would connect directly with the station, increasing the convenience of public transportation for the neighbourhood.  
Additionally, the bus station would be complemented by cycling infrastructure to allow for different modes of connections for users across the neighbourhood. 
Transit-oriented and pedestrian-friendly streetscape improvements would contribute to the walkability of the area.
The proposed development supports the uptake of active transportation through the provision of over 3,000 bicycle parking spots for future residents and visitors to this new community.

Project documentation

  • Memorandum: Thorncliffe TOC Rezoning – Clarification & Potential Changes (PDF | 146KB) → 
  • Memorandum: Thorncliffe Park Rezoning Geotechnical Desktop Study (PDF | 14.8MB)
  • Transportation Impact Study: Thorncliffe Park Station (PDF | 5.3MB)
  • Project Data Sheet: Thorncliffe Park Station (PDF | 829KB)
  • Cover Letter: Thorncliffe Park Station - Zoning By-Law Amendment Submission for Thorncliffe Park (PDF | 478KB)
  • Planning & Urban Design Rationale: Thorncliffe Park TOC (PDF | 63.2MB)
  • 36 Overlea Boulevard: Rezoning Architectural and Landscape Set (PDF | 9.5MB)
  • 6 Thorncliffe Park Drive: Rezoning Architectural and Landscape Set (PDF | 10.1MB)
  • 26 Overlea Boulevard: Thorncliffe Park Rezoning Architectural and Landscape Set (PDF | 10.6MB)
  • 14-16 Overlea Boulevard: Thorncliffe Park Rezoning Architectural and Landscape Set (PDF | 10MB)
  • 4-10 Overlea Boulevard: Thorncliffe Park Rezoning Architectural and Landscape Set (PDF | 44.8MB)
  • Electrical Engineering Reference Concept Design: Thorncliffe Park (PDF | 285KB)
  • Functional Servicing Report: Thorncliffe Park (PDF | 69.1MB)

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